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It’s 2014 and taking with your smartphone no longer cuts it (not that it ever did…). Anyone serious about buying a home does their research online, gets automated listing alerts, and expects details about the property: maps, WalkScore, dimensions, etc.

Your listing NEEDS to stand out. Fortunately, that’s where I come in: I’ve been shooting real estate with a DSLR for almost a decade; I’ve been working on websites for even longer.

Take a look at the Virtual Tour Gallery for a sample of tours I’ve shot all around the Greater Toronto Area. Additionally, I can set up custom domains and a responsive website to feature your listing such as 2 Fieldway Rd, Suite 712.

Real Estate Services

  • 360° fully-immersive virtual tour + high-res [print] photos: starting at $245 + HST for condos, $345 + HST for houses. (Please visit the Virtual Tour page for additional details.)
  • Responsive [mobile & desktop compatible] website + 1 year of hosting: Starting at $95.
    • Custom domain + 1 year of hosting: e.g., $25 and up depending on address.

Contact me today to showcase your property the way it deserves!

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